Enjoy reduced reliance on the grid.

A Net Zero energy home is capable of producing, at minimum, an annual output of renewable energy that is equal to the total amount of its annual consumed/purchased energy from energy utilities. (Source: netzeroenergyhome.ca)

To meet the Net Zero energy standard, Concord Riverwalk uses a combination of active and passive strategies to integrate the latest high-performance building technology, including ultra low-energy building envelope assemblies and mechanical systems.

Why it matters

Buildings currently consume 54% of the total energy consumed across the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Reduction in global warming, improvements in air quality and a reduction in dependence on foreign oil are good things that smarter building design can contribute to the planet.

Benefits of a Net Zero approach

- Reduction in energy demands and reduced global warming
- Lower operating and maintenance cost
- Meet future energy codes now (expected to rise significantly over the next 20 years)
- Potential mortgage write down due to lower operating costs
- Feel good without suffering

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