Sustainability without sacrifice.

The homes of Concord Riverwalk are designed to be healthy and durable. They are compact without sacrificing function or comfort, energy efficient, and offer flexible floor plans that allow a variety of uses without requiring additional construction or reconfiguration.  A key design priority is to use high-quality, environmentally-friendly materials and to rely on passive solar design and renewable energy sources. These homes were conceived for those who want to live in a space that is purely and simply designed, enabling beautiful yet conscientious living.

The buzz-speak is all about “green.”  To put it simply, green building is largely about how well and how long buildings perform. Buildings built without a thoughtful and integrated systems approach will most often do neither. From conception to finish, Concord Riverwalk is intended to create a secure, comfortable, aesthetically-pleasing environment for homeowners, with minimal initial impact on the environment and ultra-low operating costs for the long term. This was the optimistic vision—and the practical result.

Green Features

The homes at Concord Riverwalk have a variety of energy-saving and ‘green’ features:

- High performance building envelopes and foundations
- Super-insulated wall and roof assemblies
- High performance, triple-glazed windows and door assemblies
- Ultra high-efficiency HVAC and plumbing systems
- Rainwater management and harvesting systems
- Optimum site design for passive solar benefits
- Pre-wired for active solar heating:  PV panel-generated electricity and solar hot water
- Extensive use of reclaimed/recycled materials
- Low- or no-VOC paints; non-formaldehyde sealants and adhesives
- Renewable energy systems
- Follow NAHB Green Home Guidelines, Energy Star Rating, and Building America benchmarks

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