A movement is taking place: read about it.

The sensibilities and aesthetics of compact-community living has taken off in the Pacific Northwest and is spreading elsewhere in the country—and attracting the attention of the media.  Below is a list of articles and web links that help paint a fuller picture of the movement.

"Revolution in Housing in West Concord," Concord Patch, September 24, 2010

The Newest Cottage Industry,” The Wall Street Journal, July 2008

Seattle to the World: Compact Homes,” WorldChanging: Seattle, May 2008.

America’s Luxury Homes, Downsized,” Forbes.com, May 2008. 

Small Wonders in Housing,” The Wall Street Journal, January 2010. 

Americans are moving on up to smaller, smarter homes,” USA Today, March 2009.

Zero Energy Buildings, Blocks and Cities,” Energy Priorities magazine, March 2010. 

Consumers Rethink Home Buying Priorities,” Builder magazine, January 2009.

A Cottage Comeback?The Boston Globe, December 2007.

The Not So Big® House, by Sarah Susanka

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