Livable, not lavish. Cozy, not dramatic.

The homes of Concord Riverwalk were designed with the sensibilities of Sarah Susanka’s Not So Big ® House philosophy.  Called a cultural visionary, Susanka leads the “Not So Big” movement to redefine the American home and lifestyle. She contends that such a philosophy is the first step toward sustainability and can positively affect both personal well being and the health of the planet as a whole.  

Below are some of Susanka’s key design concepts, food for thought that has gone into the creation of Concord Riverwalk (adapted from Creating the Not-So-Big House: Insights and Ideas for the New American Home, by Sarah Susanka.  2001, The Tauton Press, Newtown, CT):

Shelter Around Activity – create inviting, sheltering space around places used for specific activities, with open sightlines to be able to look out into the larger space that it is attached to.

Doing Double Duty – rather than building a room for a specific function, create spaces that can be shared.

Variety of Ceiling Heights – carefully proportion ceiling heights to the other dimensions of the room; vary ceiling heights to enliven spaces and define them individually.

Interior Views – carefully compose interior views to be beautiful to look at.

Diagonal Views – arrange spaces so you can look from one corner to the opposite one on a diagonal, which makes a space feel larger than it is.

A Place of One’s Own – create a small space for each adult to call their own, just big enough for writing, painting, meditating, or displaying personal items.


(Photo images for conceptual purposes only.  Features subject to change without notice.  Please see condominium documents for complete details.)

Not So Big® is a registered trademark of Susanka Studios.  Sarah Susanka was not personally involved in the development of Concord Riverwalk, nor has she certified it in any way.

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